Maneki Foods is a long established company that was founded in the city of Himeji, famous for Himeji Castle, a popular sightseeing spot. In 1888, Maneki Foods created what was a first in Japan: the introduction of “Ekiben” (a bento or a type of lunch box that you could eat on the train). In 1949, Maneki Foods created another first for Japan when they made “Ekisoba” (Soba or buckwheat noodles you eat on the platform of the train station). Maneki Food products are loved by people in Himeji as well as by Japanese people all over Japan. They bring back memories of the good old days and to this day remain a favorite gift item. Maneki Food’s Ekisoba is a specialty food in Himeji, and is a very popular gift item loved by visitors from around the world.